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Concentrated growth factor (CGF) therapy can be used to accelerate the healing process of dental implant treatments.  CGF procedures use the body’s own regenerative abilities to enhance the growth of bone and soft tissue.  They jump-start the process and reduce the time between implant placement and crown fitting.

The patient’s own blood is used and centrifuged to separate the platelet growth factors from the red blood cells.  The platelets help improve the rate of growth of new bone and soft tissue.  There is minimal risk because the healing process of the body is completely natural.  Since the patient’s own blood is used, an allergic reaction or infection is unlikely.

In dental surgery, CGF is mixed into gels and applied to the treatment sites and tooth sockets.  It is effective in supporting the integration of implants with bones. The grafts become bonded faster with the patient’s bone thanks to the growth factors in CGF.  Implant dentistry can be a more natural and effective process with the professional use of plate-rich plasma growth factors.

To learn more about the CGF process and how it augments the dental implant experience, please call D'Art Dental at (972) 424-8023 and schedule your consultation.

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