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D'Art Navigation Implant is


D'Art Implant surgery is the newest digital navigation implant surgery through 3D computer simulation surgery as it determines the optimal surgery plan with minimal incision of surgery and less pain. 
This is the most up-to-date digital navigation implant surgery.


This is the newest digital navigation implant surgery, which is planned using the optimized 3D computer simulation surgery with the minimal incision and less pain. The optimized system, which allows to complete the implant procedure without any inconvenient impression taking, can find the safe and optimal surgery path by finding out the osseous tissue and nerve position precisely.


  • Less Pain

    There is no suture due to no incision

  • Less Bleeding

    There is less bleeding due to no incision

  • No Suture

    There is no suture due to no incision

  • No Damage

    There are no damages to the surrounding nerve or teeth due to the use of precise guide 

  • No Inconvenience

    Can be treated without inconvenience due to the use of comfortable guide

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